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Other Advocacy Resources

Taking to Policymakers

Need state specific resources when discussing policy for children? Our customized infographics are tailored to the states and designed to assist you in having a conversation with your policymakers. These are available for download.

2024 State Pediatric Legislation Under Consideration

As the 2023 state legislative seasons come to a close and we move into 2024, we will continue to monitor state pediatric legislation. Be sure to check back soon for 2024 updates on areas listed below!

Perinatal Hospice / Perinatal Palliative Care

Pediatric Hospice / Pediatric Palliative Care

General Hospice

  • Elimination of Hospice Certificate of Needs (impacts rural kids)
  • Miscellaneous Hospice (impacts kids)

Caregiver compensation

State Medicaid Contacts

Listing of state Medicaid Directors

Make-a-Plan Campaign

The 2020 make-a-plan campaign was designed to prepare if Concurrent Care for Children was struck down by the US Supreme Court. ACA, Section 2302 in a short but defining provision within the ACA that has dramatically altered continued access to critical medical services for children in hospice. This was a coordinated response among clinicians, policymakers, and researchers to generate solidarity in messaging that underscored the impact of Concurrent Care for Children.